Placed 150 km north of the capital, Colombo, the Kalpitiya region is one of the most beautiful coastal areas located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya is a peninsular that separates the Puttalam lagoon from the Indian Ocean and is a marine sanctuary with a diversity of habitats ranging from bar reefs, flat coastal plains, saltpans, mangroves swamps, salt marshes and vast sand dune beaches.
  • Attractions Within The Zone
  • Near Islands at Dutch Bay and Portugal Bay
  • Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary- 307 km2 of Sea having most valuable rich Bio-Diversity Value
  • Sea Turtles
  • Fisheries
  • Ornamental fish collection
  • Lobster capturing
  • Sea Cucumber Collection
  • Dolphins
  • Whales
  • Mangroves
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Historical Monuments
  • Birds and Butterflies
  • Natural Botanical Gardens
  • Beaches
  • Natural Forest
  • Estuaries and Lagoons
  • Sea grass beds
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