26 May

Theva Residency

The Theva Residency is a private and luxurious home away from home. Their winning formula is based on providing guests with their unique, exceptionally personalised level of service, pampering them with modern luxurious living, exotic 5-Star cuisine and personalised service in a very quiet atmosphere and serene setting.

The Theva Residency promises serenity, romance and rejuvenation. With awe-inspiring views, edgy design and sublime dining options. Theva is ideally located along the slopes of the Hantana range. It offers commanding views over the surrounding mountains and the bustle of the Kandy town located only two kilometres away. There is no better place from which to understand the wonders and view the grandeur of the ancient majestic city of Kandy and to appreciate its importance, as the last Sri Lankan Kingdom to fall to invading colonisers.


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